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Customized for your Business

Unleashing Intelligence in Every Interaction delivers an advanced AI Chatbot that fits perfectly into your customer service and support landscape.

  • Designed visual appearance, personality, and linguistic style to match your brand
  • Customized knowledge, responsive behavior and multilingual capabilities
  • Automated tasks and active workplace support tailored to your needs
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Welcome to's customer service. How may I assist you today?
I am already using your chat solution and now I'm hoping to modify the design of my chatbot.
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Certainly, we can customize your chatbot's design based on your preferences. What changes are you considering? I'd be happy to guide you.
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Tailored to Your Business

Tailored Chatbot Design and Linguistic Style

The chatbot integrates seamlessly into your corporate design, reinforcing your brand identity.

  • Design your chatbot to reflect your brand's unique style for a harmonious visual experience.
  • Select a unique name and a profile picture for your AI chatbot to personify your brand image.
  • Opt for a casual or formal conversation style, and other language aspects tailored to your needs.
  • Decide the languages your AI chatbot should converse in. The options are limitless with generative AI.

Intelligent Features

Upgrade your customer support with a cutting-edge chatbot featuring a diverse range of functionalities. Future-proof and extendable.

Multilingual Capability

Capable of responding in any or only selected languages as per your preference.

Knowledge Access

Effectively manages extensive knowledge databases of >10,000 pages.

Chat Report

Automatically analyse user behavior and interests during chat interactions.

Feedback Collection

Capture user feedback and automatically relay it to the relevant team members.

Email Dispatch

Sends requested information to users by email, staying GDPR- and HIPAA-compliant.

Lead Capture

Collects potential prospects and facilitates actions like newsletter subscriptions.

AI Vision

Reads and comprehends images and documents uploaded by visitors, like screenshots.


Adopts your brand's vocabulary and communication style.
Instant Acccess to<br/>Corporate Knowledge
Up-to-date and Comprehensive Knowledge

Instant Acccess to
Corporate Knowledge

The AI chatbot stays constantly updated with the latest information, and it always possesses the most current problem-solving details.

  • Enriches responses with clickable data sources
  • Welcomes user feedback and continually learns from it
  • Embeds links to expand on information in its responses
  • Delivers answers within seconds
Conversational UI

Your chatbot not only talks, it acts

Witness unprecedented productivity enhancements through actionable AI. Why involve manual effort when your chatbot can handle it? The applications are infinite.
Whether it's for seminar enrollments, leave requests, or password resets, your chatbot's got it covered. chatbots learn your common workflows and can execute them autonomously. chatbots can comprehensively handle form-based processes automatically.’s chatbot can send emails with user information, confirmations, and more, all complying with GDPR regulations.
From delivery status to order updates, appointments, and rates, your chatbot can fetch real-time data from your systems to keep the user updated.
If your business involves a lot of standard appointments with customers or prospects, your chatbot can handle the scheduling with calendar integration.
With the user's consent, your chatbot can also directly create new records GDPR-compliant in your ERP or CRM system, e.g., a new customer master record, a quote request or even an order.
How do I instruct my customer to reset their password? Where can I find the steps to do so?
The step-by-step guide for resetting customer passwords can be found here.
Could you prepare an email draft I can send to my customer about this?
Certainly! What's the company's internal email address to send the template to?
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Proactive AI

Moving Beyond Conversations

The chatbot doesn't just chat, it acts. It supports a multitude of different actions and workflow triggers to support users, for example:
  • It creates new contacts or applications either independently or as directed, all while staying GDPR compliant.
  • It collects user feedback and arranges appointments.
  • It helps to find information or calculates prices as required.
  • It fetches live and real-time information from your systems to assist the user.

The chatbot can integrate with over 3,000 different systems to control your processes via chat and automate them effectively.

  • Seamless Integration
  • Extended Functionality

An AI chatbot that seamlessly integrates with your systems

Enable seamless communication between your chatbot and other systems to tap into comprehensive knowledge and send messages. Augment your business software with chatbot's advanced AI capabilities.
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