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Deliver unparalleled support service performance with our knowledgeable chatbot, while safeguarding valuable information from undesired access. With platform, your data is managed strictly under GDPR guidelines while maximizing the technology's potential.

Our Mission, Your Trust:
Secure Chatbots from

Just like any IT system, a chatbot also requires robust protection against various threats (Cyber Security). Moreover, it must be safeguarded from manipulation attempts and avoid being tricked into making undesired statements (Content Security).

A Chatbot with a Cyber Shield

We safeguard your chatbot solution, your data, and your digital territories with an all-round defense mechanism against digital threats. Our commitment to superior security standards is reflected in our continuous enhancement of our security infrastructure and protocols, in line with the evolving industry standards for cloud services.

Secure Content, Secure Reputation

Our AI chatbots are designed to reflect your business ethos with trustworthy, respectful, unbiased dialogue in any chat environment. This way, your company's wholesome image is continually reinforced. Additionally, the chatbot is programmed to courteously manage off-topic or provocative dialogues, augmeting your brand's image.

Certified Data Center: Ensuring Data Storage in the EU

ISO 27001

Setting the gold standard for information security in the data center.

ISO 27017

Embracing cloud-specific security standards to ensure the safety of cloud services.

ISO 27018

Implementing stringent measures to safeguard personal data stored in the cloud.'s Compliance Framework

Here at, we adhere strictly to GDPR, HIPAA, and SOC 2 security and data protection standards, ensuring that all data you entrust to us is in the most secure hands.
At, we commit ourselves to following clear, documented procedural guidelines in all our cloud processes, which are regularly reviewed and updated. With clearly defined roles and responsibilities, we ensure that every member of our team understands and takes seriously their duties concerning cloud security. In addition, specifically appointed compliance officers continuously monitor our compliance requirements to guarantee a high standard of data protection and information security.
We use comprehensive procedures for risk identification and assessment, particularly when it comes to cloud services. All necessary measures to protect the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of data are consistently implemented, including strict access controls to ensure that only authorized individuals have access to sensitive data. Encryption of sensitive data both during transmission and storage, as well as the implementation of physical and virtual security measures, help us protect our data and IT infrastructures. Regular security assessments and vulnerability analyses help us continuously improve the security of our cloud services.
We place great emphasis on ensuring our staff is kept informed and trained on the latest security and data privacy practices. Regular audits and reviews of our processes confirm adherence to our policies and help improve our security measures on an ongoing basis. Our improvement processes are specifically targeted at optimizing the security, performance, and availability of our cloud services in order to ensure the highest quality standards.
The feedback from our customers is very important to us. It helps us continuously improve our services. We ensure that our external partners comply with our high security and data protection standards. We also ensure compliance with data protection regulations by systematically obtaining and documenting the necessary consents, enabling us to make our data protection practices transparent and effective.
Effective incident management and reporting are crucial for a quick and appropriate response to security-related incidents and data breaches. We develop and constantly test our reaction plans to prepare for unexpected events and ensure operational continuity. These measures are an integral part of our commitment to the security and long-term stability of our services.

Navigating GDPR with Confidence

We value the essence of data protection for your enterprise, and we've designed our chatbot to uphold it. We collect only the necessary data aligned with the defined purpose, strictly adhering to the principles of data protection. Our system facilitates data access, correction, and deletion as per the GDPR, managed by trained personnel. An appointed auditor oversees these processes as the data protection officer. Our team frequently undergoes training on data protection issues and we ensure that our business partners also comply with GDPR. We proactively address data protection violations and carry out regular audits for compliance, safeguarding personal data.

24/7 Oversight: Keep Constant Watch with

At, we provide 24/7 monitoring of your systems. Our process checks ensure seamless operations, early detection and quick resolution of potential issues. Trust in our vigilant monitoring that promises seamless operations and leverages insights for expanding preventive measures in cyber security and data protection. Our automated analysis and reporting systems alert us about anomalies and threats in real-time, ensuring your chatbot solution is always at its peak performance.
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