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At, our support chatbot leverages the most advanced AI technologies available today, enhancing performance through tailored applications and innovative knowledge processing.
Large Language Models

The Mind of your AI Chatbot

A Large Language Model (LLM) is the bedrock of your Chatbot's intelligence. At, you're spoilt for choice with various LLMs to perfectly match your use case, while achieving optimum cost-effectiveness.
How your Chatbot responds to questions

The Thought Process of your Chatbot

Each time a user poses a question, your chatbot intelligently decodes the intent behind it. It then taps into its memory bank, identifies relevant information and uses its advanced language model to craft a well-informed response. This is the magic of "Generative AI" as applied by livestep.

Understand user query

Your chatbot analyzes the posed question and deduces the user's intention. It understands the “question behind the question” to get the right idea of the user's actual problem and to be able address their intent.

Look up knowledge

Your chatbot then quickly refers to its extensive linguistic knowledge database for relevant information to construct the best answer. To look up knowledge, the chatbot matches the user question's meaning to relevant knowledge “chunks”.

Generate response

Using its AI-powered language model, the chatbot then generates a helpful and relevant response template. To exlude “hallucinations” (= non-factual answers) from being sent to the user, the chatbot reviews the response template for accuracy before crafting the answer and delivering it.

Stream answer to user

After a response template clears all checks for relevance and accuracy, the chatbot promptly delivers every complete word of the generated natural-language response to the user. “Streaming” the response word-by-word ensures quick communication and high usability through a more natural conversation flow akin to audio communication.
Knowledge Base
Knowledge Base

The Memory of your AI Chatbot

Your AI Chatbot possesses a knowledge repository updated automatically. The chatbot not merely stores knowledge from various sources but understands and learns contexts and meanings utilizing innovative AI techniques. Platform

Fuel Your Business Growth
with Our AI Platform

Every chatbot solution from equips your business with the versatility and potential for growth of our flexible, scalable AI platform, preparing your enterprise for the seamless adoption of more AI enhancements.

Targeted Machine Learning

Our advanced machine learning approach facilitates training and refining of chatbot conversations for targeted goals. Whether it's scheduling appointments, resolving support cases efficiently, or increasing newsletter registrations, chatbots on platform continually learn and evolve.

Exceptional Scalability platform's high scalability ensures peak performance even during high traffic periods, thanks to its automatic resource adjustment feature. This scalable architecture assures top-tier performance for your users, even under high-demand conditions.

Empowered to Act

Discover more than just a chat feature with Our chatbot can initiate actions and execute functions within your workflow. It blends into your routines, automates tasks, and enhances interactions, whether sending emails, scheduling appointments, or initiating specific processes. broadens your scope to manage operations efficiently and customer-centrically.
Advancing AI with Your Business

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Make’s chat technology your foundation for scalable, secure, and easily integrated AI chat solutions in your business. Learn more today.