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The smart AI chatbot for customer service and support
Artificial Intelligence

The smart AI chatbot for customer service and support

  • Helpful and precise answers to demanding questions at all times
  • Learns from your company's knowledge
  • Can be used directly on the website or in the intranet
  • Seamless support from our AI specialists for training, customization, & technical integration
Hi, can you assist me with integrating your product with my current toolkit?
Customer Assistance Chatbot
Absolutely, our products seamlessly integrate with diverse systems. What are you specifically seeking?
My primary tools are marketing automation systems. Can these be integrated?
Customer Assistance Chatbot
Yes, our platform smoothly integrates with numerous leading marketing automation tools. Would you like me to guide you with the setup process?
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Support Responses Round-the-Clock

Reliable, fast answers. Direct and anytime.

Imagine an AI advisor available to provide the best possible answer 24 hours a day. Always up-to-date, always friendly, and precise. This is exactly what your support chatbot from can do for you. Constant assistance and instant access to corporate knowledge for your customers and your team, directly via your website or internally at your company.

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Seamless Integration at your Fingertips
Available on Your Website or Internally

Seamless Integration at your Fingertips

Easily converse with your AI chatbot without disrupting your workflow. The chatbot effortlessly blends into your website & various internal systems, such as SharePoint or other utilized platforms.
What's the process for submitting a budget request for my new marketing initiative?
Company-Internal Chatbot
For that, you'd need to use our internal application portal. Do remember that your project proposal would require your supervisor's approval. Therefore, consider discussing the project with them beforehand.
Got it. What information do I need to provide for the request?
Company-Internal Chatbot
Your detailed initiative description plus the projected expenses and anticipated benefits are paramount.
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Amplify your in-house knowledge

Provides Essential Support
for Your Team

Empower your employees with their personal digital assistant well-versed with your company's database. From clarifying workflow or product-related queries to understanding processes, our AI is here to provide direct and knowledgeable assistance.

Leverage the Benefits of Artificial Intelligence


Boost Customer Satisfaction

74% of customers surveyed preferred the rapid response and 24/7 availability of chatbots (Source:


Reduce support time

Less time spent in customer support can result in an average ROI of 1275% (Source: Tidio)


Generate more leads

Studies show that the use of chatbots significantly boosts the generation and conversion of new leads in sales and recruiting (Sources: McKinsey, Tidio)
Gain Insights by Chat Analysis
Automatic chat report via email

Gain Insights by Chat Analysis

Your chatbot periodically sends you a chat report on the latest user-queries and feedback via email. Keeping you informed about user inquiries and needs.

  • Chat statistics
  • Common user queries
  • User queries requiring follow-up
  • Potential sales leads
  • Noteworthy feedback

Knowledge Sources

The chatbot learns from a wide range of resources, completely automated and accurate.


Simply specify the websites your chatbot should learn from.

PDF documents

Provide PDFs as learning materials for your AI chatbot.

Knowledge databases

Connect your existing databases to enhance your chat solution.

Previous Chats and Emails

Your AI chatbot learns from emails and chat logs.

An AI chatbot that perfectly syncs with
your systems

The chatbot seamlessly communicates with other systems to pull in and send out data. Expand your business software with the AI capabilities of
Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Sharepoint
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