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Customer Service Chatbot
Customer Service Chatbot
My device won't start, what should I do?
Customer Service Chatbot
Please try turning the device off for 10 seconds and then restart it.
It still doesn't work. Is there another trick?
Customer Service Chatbot
In this case, I recommend you reset it. Hold the reset button for 5 seconds.
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Quick problem-solving available 24/7

AI Chatbots for Customer Service and Support

Your AI chatbot takes care of your customers automatically and offers problem solutions.

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The livestep group has been serving well-known customers in various industries for 25 years.

Harness the Benefits of AI


Increase Customer Satisfaction

74% of surveyed customers prefer the high response speed of chatbots and their 24/7 availability (Source:


Save Support Times

Significant time savings in support and customer service result in an average ROI of 1275% (Source: Tidio)


Generate More Leads

Studies show that the use of chatbots significantly increases lead generation and conversion in sales and recruiting (Sources: McKinsey, Tidio)
In-House Chatbot
In-House Chatbot
How do I submit the budget proposal for my new marketing project?
In-House Chatbot
Please use our internal application portal for this purpose. Note that your supervisor must sign off on the project application, so it is advisable to clarify this in advance.
Okay. What data do I need for the application?
In-House Chatbot
It is particularly important to provide an accurate description of the purpose, along with an outline of the expected costs and benefits.
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Custom AI for Your Business

Support that Advances Your Team

With generative AI, your employees receive quick help. The company-specific chatbot always stays up-to-date, saving your team valuable time since there is no need to laboriously search for and learn many updates. Just ask the chatbot and carry on.

An AI Chatbot that Integrates Seamlessly
Into Your Systems

Your chatbot communicates seamlessly with other systems to read knowledge and send messages. Extend your enterprise software with the AI capabilities of the chatbot.
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