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Highly Intelligent, Individual and Secure

AI Chatbots for SMEs

  • Inspired by advancements in AI technology, it is our mission to enhance the benefits of this technology for our clients.
  • As developers of the AI platform, we supply medium-sized businesses with the latest AI technology for marketing and sales, support, and recruiting.
  • As a full-service provider in AI, we train chatbots according to the individual requirements of our clients and deploy them in the shortest possible time.
  • The AI platform is GDPR compliant and meets the strictest security and data protection requirements, ensuring your corporate data is always secure when using cutting-edge AI.

Human Friendly Automation

  • All technology, automation, and AI serve humanity and its environment.
  • We conceive AI projects from the start considering our client’s HR area.
  • Only an ethical, discrimination-free, and truth-seeking use of AI also leads to the best economic result.


The world is complex enough. We make it a bit simpler.


Technology serves humanity. Not the other way around.


Our AI technology serves the common good. AI ethics are essential.


IT security and data protection are essential. Protected and GDPR compliant.
Location Germany
Sales & Consulting

Location Nuremberg, Germany

The GmbH & Co. KG based in Nuremberg is the sales and consulting unit of the livestep group.

Our clients, mainly in the DACH region, benefit from German-speaking support and customer service tailored to their needs.

Here, we work together with our clients to envision the future of their companies and pragmatically plan to achieve these visions.
Location Denmark
Development & Technical Support

Location Vestervig, Denmark

The ApS based in Denmark is our development and innovation forge, set in the wonderful Danish countryside. Abundant nature, combined with an excellent infrastructure for technology companies, provides our developers with a perfect environment to breathe and to implement their ideas creatively and concentratedly.

According to the Numbeo Index (, Denmark and Switzerland offer the highest quality of life worldwide.

Denmark, with its highly qualified people and excellent conditions for companies, is an ideal choice for us and thus for you, our clients.

Our Founders

Florian Lang
Co-Founder, AI Lead, Commercial Director
Daniel Bracht
Co-Founder, Managing Director, Technical Director